Thursday, February 11, 2016

Armchair Demiurge is (kinda) dead.

It had a decent run. But it is time to admit that Armchair Demiurge is on indefinite hiatus.

There were a number of factors leading to this dissipation:
I bought a house, moved. I've started writing a novel that really interests me. Lots of stuff.  But generally, I've been thinking of D&D way less. I'm finding its really difficult to get a bunch of twenty-somethings together for a game on any sort of regular basis.

But the major factor in the fading of ACD was my quitting a job where I had a good deal of time to sit around writing blog posts.

Now I am practicing self-employment, and considering getting a part time job to slow the bleeding off of my savings.
Here is the website of my new enterprise. I sell bulk scales for use in custom body-armor creations. My next step is to get some actual inventory.

Thanks Everybody.
Preston Selby